Duoqi material company is committed to the research and development of new materials, composite materials and extrusion technology. It is a science and technology leading enterprise integrating scientific research, development, production and marketing.
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Application solution
Provide material selection solutions according to the application scenario.
Technical support guidance
Technical engineers provide material processing instructions.
Zero-cutting of materials
Reasonable typesetting and accurate cutting, saving materials.
Regular knowledge lecture
Transfer material knowledge and guide material application.
Professional service attitude
Pre-sale and sale after sale, the control is more rigorous.
Several process methods and problems have arisen in processing:1. Method: The vise is lightly clamped outside the plate, and processed quickly according to the normal amount of knife. Problem: The measurement size on the workbench meets the requirements, ...
POM sheet processing
Pom plastic plate is mainly used to replace most non-ferrous metals, automobiles, machine tools, instrument internals, etc. It is characterized by the fact that it can be used directly without too much processing before use. It can effectively protect the...
What is the use of POM plastic sheet?

Ceramic peek has good performance and is widely used. In order for this sheet to better meet the needs of the industry, it is necessary to increase its performance. So what should I do? Practice shows that if the coupling treatment of molybdenum disu...
Ceramic PEEK instruction manual
Temperature and residence time must be strictly controlled; in addition, antioxidants and formaldehyde absorbers are required. The pom has a fast condensation rate, and the product is prone to surface defects such as wrinkles, streaks and weld lines,...
Processing characteristics of polyoxymethylene
The Ministry of Materials organized 40,000 tons of self-unloading ship wear plate introduction and construction process trainingIn order to facilitate the smooth delivery of the ship, the Ministry of Materials recently launched an introductory training co...
Low-deformation plastic plate, where to find the wear-resistant plastic plate?
Core Team
Professor, Chief Technical Supervisor
Associate researcher, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Postdoctoral, nanocomposite expert.
Fudan high talent. Successive Huawei, tencent executive. Currently resident in the United States.
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